Les Saj Restaurant

For Those Who Seek Extraordinary Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Cuisine

Les Saj is a fast casual restaurant that serves authentic Middle Eastern Food and Halal meat.  We make fresh and delicious meals daily from scratch. 

Les Saj Middle Eastern flat bread is used as a healthy and tasty foundation of variety of wraps. Arabic Chicken Shawarma, Beef shawarma, Beef Donair and Falafel wraps are among some of our best sellers. Our menu includes a wide variety of choices that suits everyone’s dietary and meal requirements, from Halal meat to Vegetarian and Vegan food.
Our goal is to provide the best quality food, excellent customer service and a value for your money.

How it All Started

Les Saj founders Mohamad, Rochelle and Adam have one common denominator as all of them are “foodie”. They always love to experience new heights of food tasting, cook and explore new restaurants.
When they moved to Winnipeg they realized that there’s a need for authentic Middle Eastern food and people in Winnipeg appreciates and love to experience Mediterranean cuisine. Their passion is to create great traditional flavored food and share it with others. Les Saj Restaurant opened its door on April 1, 2017 at their first location at 1038 St. James Street Winnipeg. 

The name Les Saj formulated from the word “saj” which means a dome or convex metal griddle which is widely used in the Middle East in baking flatbread or “saj breads”, known commonly compared to “pita bread”.